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Quest Information

As you may know, sharing quest information on the MUD is currently illegal. Over the years, quests have been added to the MUD by coders, many of which have had interesting syntax or required a series of odd objects in order to complete. Some library changes have caused quests to be broken, some interesting syntax has rendered some quests to be possible only under weird circumstances. One quest appears to be only doable two days of every month. Likely as a result of all of these things, a file sprung up years ago and has circulated. This file, quests.txt, contains solutions to many of the quests on the MUD. Of course, finding out who has this file is a task that is next to impossible, and thus enforcing the rule about sharing quest information is a fever dream.

Therefore, I pose the question to you, the MUDding public, as to whether or not you would like quest solutions on your wiki.


  • Quest solutions available in a centralized location, to be updated (by wiki users) when code changes happen.
  • Quest solutions may be incorrect, but correctable for future players.
  • Frustration of figuring out a particular wizard's mental state is greatly reduced.
  • Makes things easier for wizards (who do not have quest solutions) to find errors and fix them.
  • Makes things easier for wizards to change syntax so that people have an easier/harder time.
  • Encourages wizards to write more interesting quests, requiring the community to work together to solve.
  • Enables multiple person quests, where members of different guilds must work together to complete a puzzle.


  • Players who have solved the quest legitimately may feel their reward is lessened.
  • Players who do not want quest solutions may accidentally stumble upon them. (Solved by properly putting quest pages into separate sections and clearly identifying links as such).
  • Wizards who wrote quests may feel slapped in the face by having their quests solved once and copy/pasted afterwards.
  • Legitimizes a problem identified by current staff.

Please feel free to add your own discussion points to this article. As always, be civil and courteous to your fellow posters. Thank you. — Mreh 2010/04/04 19:35

I'd be all for a collection of hints and tips for the quests. I'd rather not see step-by-step solutions posted so there is still some sense of accomplishment. Anything to help us figure out the damned syntaxes for some of them. — luther 2010/04/04 19:50

Yes, syntax hints would be very useful. I wouldn't mind full solutions, but I think they would make the quests pretty pointless as quests - it'd just be free stuff for everyone. If the quest is broken, or if they can only be done at certain times, etc., it would be good for people to know this too. Such hints, I believe, do not take away the essense of the quest. (Eg. If it requires some sort of special condition for aurelius venport to say something to me, etc., I'd like to know, instead of hanging around the place wondering how to get him to tell me what he wants. But maybe I just got the wrong guy…) - Sigh 2010/04/04 19:35

Syntax hints would be great. I think full solutions would cheapen the reward of players who legitimately finished the quests. Having said that, I realize that quest solutions will still be available outside the wiki. May if a way to have the solutions hidden in a div by default would work well? - Clutch 2010/04/04 22:59

I saw a plugin for dokuwiki that adds a 'spoiler' entry to the syntax. Maybe that's exactly what we can use here. — temujin 2010/04/06 07:49

I have no problem with quest solutions being posted online. I really feel that the pros outweigh the cons, and as long as there is some sort of SPOILER ALERT before the quest solutions are viewable, then any player is free to attempt the quests on their own. — orbital 2010/04/08 20:31

I agree with what most people have said thus far: syntax hints would be great; solutions should at the very least be hidden or on another page. In addition, I think it would be very helpful if the quests, either on the MUD or wiki, clearly outlined where the quest starts. Sometimes finding the starting point is harder than the quest itself. — Amenophis 2010/04/08 20:34

I would love to see the quests fixed and more of them made, perhaps if they were easier nobody would want solutions, but if it must be i wouldnt want to have them spoil it for others including myself so perhaps hidden on the wiki and seperately viewable so if you want a solution for one quest you wont get the others, and then on the mud a chat channel you can subscribe to or just having an outright ban on mentioning any of it to anybody else on the mud. — chibiace

Actually, having tried (and failed) to find the starting points for a few quests, I was thinking that maybe a few vague hints here and there would be nice. So as to not spoil the fun (and bragging rights!) of quests, there should be a price and limit for such hints… Say, 5mil solaris and 5mil exp or something similar, and you can only get one hint per 3 months, etc. So you “buy” access to that particular hint page, and a wiz gives you access or something? For example, if a quest is to “help X get Y”, the hints might be broken up into “Finding X” which might say “Try searching the sewers of Planet Z. Bring M-glasses.”, “Getting Zark to reveal the location of Y” which might say “Try to “dance Zark””, “Accessing the facility” which might say “Bring a pointy stick. Use “poke””, etc. With a time limit of 3 month (or maybe 6 months) per hint, I think it would not detract much from the fun of quests, and the sense of achievement, since you can't get ALL the hints, while removing much of the frustration from that one piece of syntax that you can't get, or that one mob or location that you can never seem to find no matter how hard you try. (People wouldn't waste their quarterly or biannual chance at a hint as well as the hint price, unless they had exhausted their other options, I would think.) -Sigh

I am against giving out complete solutions to quests. However, I think a simple hint should be allowed. Something along the lines as: For Quest n be sure to stay on such-and-such road. For Quest n+1 be on the look out for a key, etc. For Quest n+2 when you get to this building you are on the right track. A solution guide for the quests is not a good idea. It defeats the whole purpose of having quests. A simple hint for each quest is quite reasonable in my opinion. -Sled

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