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MUD Meeting

I am looking to host a MUDmeeting somewhere in the vicinity of December 2nd to December 4th on December 3rd at 8:30 PM EST (MUD time), on the MUD. Some topics include:

  • Dwindling playerbase
  • Serverside gagging project
  • Considering allowing botting, with heavy restrictions
  • Considering allowing multi-logging, with heavy restrictions

Feel free to add questions, comments, time suggestions here.

– Mreh

Edit: If you are unable to attend, but still want to get my attention regarding one or more of these topics, please don't hesitate to log in and leave me MUDmail, or to e-mail me personally at

Phil (Luther/Radiant/etc.) says…

  • Generally, best times for me are in the morning (US eastern time). Any of those days is fine.
  • My thoughts on the topics:
    1. Playerbase is gonna shrink no matter what we do. Kids these days!
    2. Frankly I'm not clear on why this would be better than client-side.
      • Allow me to answer this point in particular. Anything gagged on the server side means that it doesn't make it to the client in the first place, which reduces the bandwidth requirement and makes it more feasible to play on a mobile device. Also, if your client isn't trying to keep up by gagging 3/4 of the incoming messages, you have a better playing experience. Also also, if I decide to add a bunch of new messages to MUD defense, they will all be gagged by default because you are blocking the messages, instead of seeing new stuff on your MUD window that you then have to write new gags for.
    3. Don't really care either way.
    4. Would support this. I'd also like to see things along the same line coded, i.e. shared inns/banks/etc.

John (Kerowyn, Alanna, Quran, etc.) I can do very early morning any of those days. After work hours US central (say after 6:30 is best). Agre with Phil on playerbase. Only thing that might help is keeping converts who stop over to test us out from another MUD. Help files, newbie helpers, and quick progression help there. I don't mind minor botting or multiple log-ins and it might make for a new twist. Have implemented some of the new gags and love mods that streamline things or provide new info (e.g., statbonuses).

Kain inputs

       I can be here any of those days after 7pm est would work best for me though I am here though out the day on my phone but not really around for meeting material.
          *I agree with the server side gagging being in a guild where it is 90% complete or more it makes the mobile exp much nicer and I think thats where we can pick up some player base
          *Love the new exp multi based on explorer rating...notice quite a few quests done in the last few days and I myself have been to areas on the mud I never even knew were around
          *Up in the air about bots. Could bring in more players who like that play style would have to hear the ideas on restrictions
          *Interest perked on multi log again would want to see the restrictions would def make the mud look more populated and has advantages to helping new players in another guild without logging out
          *Just getting the word out and getting them hooked (addicted) is the key :)
Meeting Is Over

The MUDmeeting has ended. The full log is there. Comments should go here.

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